Salame Brianza PDO

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The PDO acknowledgement is only assigned to salamis that are produced in a well defined area of Lombardy, their natural area of its traditional production, namely Brianza. The geographical position of Brianza, characterised by a hilly climate and typical temperature changes, is a highly favourable environment for drying and seasoning salami. The mean altitude of the area is over 350 m asl, outside the fog of the Po valley.
Historically, information about Salame Brianza can be found since 1500 in literary works produced in the Milanese area and in several cookery texts of the area, which indicates the product’s intrinsic bond with the Brianza culture for centuries. However, the 1970s marked its strongest gastronomic value enhancement process, especially when some manufacturers switched from craftsmen to food industries.

Product description
Salame Brianza is produced only with pork meats from farms based in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont.
The unique and inimitable  “recipe” rigorously regulates the ingredients and related quantities. It is a fine grain (4-4.5 mm mincing) and rough grain (7-8 mm mincing) product. Drying and seasoning are carried out in compliance with well defined rules in terms of times and methods, based on the diameter of  the salami.
Salame Brianza is produced in an extensive range of formats and packages, ranging from the morsel for a snack to the large format, from pre-sliced, pre-packaged products to whole salamis. Even the final features of Salame Brianza are unmistakeable. When cut, the slice is homogeneous and ruby red in colour with a consistent firm appearance. The fragrance is delicate and typical, the flavour is subtle and never acid.

Key nutritional facts

Salame Brianza PDO contains a considerable amount of high quality proteins. It is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, and provides a correct supply of several essential nutrients.

Production technique
The mixture of Salame Brianza PDO envisages the sole use of chosen pork meats. Pork shoulders to be sent for cleaning must weigh at least 5 kg, and must be thoroughly cleaned of connective tissue. These meats are then mixed with minced ham and a choice of throat cuts that provide the best fats of the pig. Carefully controlled mincing can take place using two types of extruder dies to obtain a rough or fine mince. Then, gut is carefully filled and tied and, finally, the essential seasoning process commences. It is carefully monitored and precisely defined by the code of production for Salame Brianza PDO. Careful regulation of temperatures and environmental conditions during seasoning endows Salame Brianza PDO with its typically appreciated features.