ISIT (Istituto Salumi Italiani Tutelati) is the most important association for PDO and PGI deli meat Protection Consortia (Consorzi di Tutela). Founded in 1999 and associating nowadays 16 Protection Consortia, ISIT boasts a large representation in the protected production sector, an authentic Ambassador of the true Made in Italy products in terms of quality, tradition and links with the territory: Italian PDO and PGI deli meats today account for over 15% of the volumes produced and over 20% of Italian deli meat production value. ISIT protects and promotes 22 PDO and PGI products, able to generate around 2 billion Euro of retail value and accounting for 13% of the total protected deli meat productions at EU level (a total of 168) and more than 50% of protected Italian deli meat productions (a total of 41) – (June 2017 figures). The aim of ISIT is therefore to protect, promote, raise awareness of and generally take care of the interests related to the Italian protected deli meat sector.
ISIT is a non-profit association, the governing bodies of which are the General Meeting, the Executive Committee, the Chairman and the Auditors. The Council has a strong industrial and entrepreneurial component being composed in large part by the Presidents of the Protection Consortia, figures democratically elected by the producers.ISIT is then spokesman of the entrepreneurs, or those who directly invest and help to bring the Made in Italy in the markets. At the head of the Institute, the current President Lorenzo Beretta, Commercial Director and member of the Board of Salumificio Beretta Group and President of the Consorzio Cacciatore. Vice President is Giuseppe Villani, CEO of Villani Spa and current President of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele.