ISIT supports the Consortia on a daily basis by offering consultancy, services, strategic and operational coordination initiatives.

The ISIT mission is to promote the development of the IG system, promote and safeguard products, defend registered names, promote the knowledge and value of certifications, encourage a continuous comparison between Consortia, promoting constructive synergies with the reference institutions for this field. This is the reason why ISIT maintains, in particular, constant contacts with Mipaaf in order to share the strategic priorities of the sector and supporting the IG policy as a virtuous production model, expression of an agri-food heritage that also narrates and transmits the historical, cultural and social identity of the origin territories.

In concrete terms, ISIT:

  • It Promotes the exchange of experiences among the Consortia, defining shared positions on themes of common interest
  • It carries out a collective representation towards Entities and Institutions
  • It supports the GI policy at national, EU and international level, collaborating with relevant institutions and main associations
  • It monitors the regulatory and economic evolution of the sector
  • It supports Consortia with consultancy and information activities about legislation and issues concerning this sector
  • It coordinates supervision, market monitoring and preservation of PDO and PGI products
  • It coordinates the activities of the Integrated Press Office for various Consortia within the Institute
  • It promotes and implements information, communication and enhancement initiatives regarding the image and quality of protected cured meats, aimed at the consumer or specific targets in synergy and collaboration with the Consortia