PDO and PGI represent quality systems born in Europe in order to recognize the value of particular agri-food productions.

Through PDO and PGI, we intend to protect the names of products and their typical imitations and abuse, support different products and help consumers in choosing the food, providing information and guarantees regarding the characteristics of the same.

Currently, the EU legislation of reference is represented by the EU Regulation. 1151/2012 concerning the quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Both designations protecting products through a territorial approach, understood as geographical environment, including both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics) and human factors (production techniques passed down over time, craftsmanship, know-how). Both of these dimensions allow to obtain a unique product outside a specific production area.

The market for PDO and PGI products is increasing, and the number of names as both value and quantity produced: this positive trend also responds to the increasing attention of consumers to search for food quality, authenticity and the link between product and territory.

A cured meat with a DOP or IGP certification is subjected to controls throughout the supply chain, as guarantee of quality and safety for producers, but above all for consumers.

A first check regards the respect of the production disciplinary and is carried out by third and independent bodies, authorized by Mipaaf. It is therefore verified that the production method is respected and that the product has the characteristics required by the specification. Only at the end of the production phase, if all the requirements have been met, a product is recognized as having a DOP or IGP certification. A second level of controls takes place during the marketing phase and it is carried out both by the competent institutional corps and directly by the protection Consortia, through the activity of supervising agents recognized by the Mipaaf itself: the purpose of supervision is to verify that the certified productions respect the required requirements but above all to prevent or interrupt unauthorized use of the names by unauthorized parties (evocations, usurpations, imitations, direct or indirect non-permitted commercial uses, ..) in order to avoid damage, even of image, to PDO and PGI products and prevent the consumer from being mistaken about the true origin and nature of the products.


The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is granted to those products whose specificity and characteristics are substantially due to a particular geographical environment.

To obtain this recognition, all stages of production and processing of the product must take place in the defined geographical area, complying with a production process specification, in compliance with the traditional recipe.

protected geographical indication PGI

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) identifies the value of a particular food specialty, produced in a specific geographical area to which a specific quality, reputation or other characteristic can be attributed.

To obtain this recognition, at least one phase of production or processing must take place in the defined area, complying with a production process specification, in compliance with the traditional recipe.


The cornerstone of any protected production is the product specification, to which all manufacturers must strictly comply with. The disciplinary regulates all stages of production and determines the requirements and the features that the product must have in order to get the name and is the essence of certification because it defines the quality guaranteed to the consumer who buys the product.

The application and compliance with the specification is compulsory according to Italian law and regulations of the European Union.



The recognition of the European protection is obtained at the end of a long and careful process of verification of all the necessary requirements. An applicant, typically an association of producers that can later create the Consortium, formalizing the request to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Mipaaf).

The application shall be accompanied by the production and documents showing the inextricable link between the product and the territory from which it came. As a result of the application for recognition to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, it opens following an investigation that aims to verify the compliance of the application with the requirements specified by Community provisions.

After positively this preliminary stage, the Ministry shall forward the application to the EU Commission that, once deemed appropriate inquiry, carried out the necessary bureaucratic procedures and overcome the required checks, register the product in the special Community register, thereby releasing the recognition PDO or PGI. Once the award is recognition, the products can benefit from the specific protection measures, protection and promotion as provided for in Community and national. Entry to the EU register of protected names, allowing you to bear the logo PDO or PGI, is a very important product identification and enhancement of the market as well as defense against counterfeiting.