Creative Snacks

Creative Snacks

Creative snaCks:
THE ORIGINALITY of being traditional

8 Food Ambassadors are involved in a new creative challenge: to revisit the classic sandwich, proposing original recipes with signature products of the Italian tradition. What is the final result? 16 innovative ideas with Italian PDO and PGI deli meats for 16 original quick creative inspirations “Spunti(ni) creativi” for every occasion.



In Italy we have a climate and a unique geographical environment with a biodiversity that has made possible over time the birth of an incredible variety of typical agri-food products, also the result of the brilliance of the man who has been able to understand and value his own territory, taking the best and turning it into something unique. And precisely from this ancient culture and from the most authentic traditions that the PDO and PGI deli meats come from, strongly linked to their territory of origin (a set of natural and human factors), with production techniques wisely handed down, but always improved, time over time.

They are excellent if tasted in purity in order to better appreciate the sensorial nuances. They are perfect for infinite possibilities on recipes, making both traditional recipes or original unexpected combinations.