Consorzio Prosciutto di Carpegna

Consorzio Prosciutto di Carpegna

Prosciutto di Carpegna PDO


Prosciutto di Carpegna is exclusively processed in what is recognised as
the traditional production area within the Municipality of Carpegna.

Situated in Pesaro-Urbino’s province, in the Marche region, the land of Carpegna is located right on the border with the neighbouring region of Emilia Romagna (and the better-known municipality of San Leo), and close to Tuscany too. This fascinating territory is nestled in the historic region of Montefeltro, at 748 metres above sea level, in the heart of the Natural Park of Sassi del Simone e Simoncello which is currently Europe’s largest Turkey oak forest.

The area’s microclimate is characterized by dry air, typical of foot hill areas, which enriches the salt-laden currents from the nearby Adriatic Sea with forest aromas. Prosciutto di Carpegna is the fruit of an ancient tradition dating back to 1400, when pigs roamed wild in the natural park of the Carpegna hills which provided the perfect environment for their gradual growth, and the nearby Adriatic Sea guaranteed an abundance of sweet marine salt.

Consorzio Prosciutto di Carpegna

Piazza Conti, 11
61021 – Carpegna (PU)

Tel: 0722 727065


Product description

Prosciutto di Carpegna is obtained through slow ageing of fresh Italian
pork legs.

Livestock is sourced exclusively from farms located in three central northern regions (Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Marche), certified and authorised by INEQ, a Control Body. Prosciutto di Carpegna is identified by the Consortium brand on the rind. Upon slicing, meat colour varies from amber red to salmon red in colour and the fat should be white. It is laden with a delicately aromatic perfume.

Prosciutto di Carpegna presents a delicately complex array of flavours upon tasting. Its predominant sweetness is enriched by slightly spicy notes created by an exclusive stuccatura mixture containing pepper and paprika. This results in a well-rounded tasting experience. Prosciutto di Carpegna is rich in nutritional properties and is perfect served as part of a complete, light and healthy meal. It is free from additives and particularly easy to digest thanks to its long ageing process, making it suitable for children, the elderly and sports enthusiasts. It is also rich in high-quality proteins, minerals as well as B and D vitamins.

Product description


Prosciutto di Carpegna standards of identity establish that legs weighing
no less than 12 kg must be used, from livestock with a minimum age of
10 months.

Pork legs which pass rigorous selection requirements undergo a series of typical production processes ending in seasoning. The product specifications establish that seasoning must last until the end of the 13th month after the beginning of processing. After seasoning, the consortium emblem is branded by the Certification Body onto all hams which comply with product specifications. All production phases have been developed according to the natural progression of seasons, as per the traditional farming culture. An initial cold drying phase is followed by seasoning at warmer temperatures, culminating in a unique tasting product, characterized by a perfect balance of softness, sweetness and spicy notes.