In its daily work, ISIT assists the Consortia offering a series of services and initiatives for strategic and operational coordination, which make it possible to achieve greater exposure at collective level and make use of advantageous economies of scale. More specifically, ISIT:

> promotes discussion and defines shared attitudes on issues that are of general interest
> uses a systemic approach by collective representation vis-à-vis Organisations and Institutions
> provides the Consortia with consultancy and information services on legislation and on themes related to the sector
> coordinates surveillance activities, market monitoring and protection of PDO/PGI deli meats
> coordinates the operations of the integrated Press Office for the various Consortia belonging to the Institute
> promotes and organises campaigns for information, communication and development of the image and quality of the protected deli meats, directed towards consumers or specific targets;

Our role as institutional representatives towards institutions, Ministries and other Italian and international associations is particularly important:

ISIT is the accredited reference association for MIPAAF (Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies) and MISE (Ministry for Economic Development) with regard to issues connected with the development and promotion of the PDO and PGI system. ISIT maintains ongoing contacts with the other MIPAAF reference associations to agree strategic priorities for the sector and support the GI policies on the national, EU and international scene.
ISIT cooperates with the other main reference associations for the sector. In particular, it carries out coordinated and ongoing work with ASSICA (Italian Association of Meat and Deli Meat Companies), it pursues a fruitful partnership with AICIG (Italian Association of Geographical Indication Consortia) and with OriGin (association for an international network of PDO and PGI Consortia), with the aim of representing the sector in an increasingly coherent and unitary manner

ISIT takes part in the Agriculture and Food Round Table coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), at which issues regarding the development and opening up of foreign markets are discussed

ISIT is included in the list of stakeholders, compiled by MIPAAF, who are formally and promptly involved in discussions of issues that regard the PDO and PGI protected deli meat sector, as direct or indirect recipients of initiatives related to provisions and regulations by the Ministry.

ISIT takes part in the Permanent Large-Scale Retail Distribution Workshop set up by MIPAAF between the large-scale retail distribution associations and the Protection Consortia Associations recognised pursuant to Law no. 526/99. The purpose of the Protocol is to guarantee the best information for consumers by organising initiatives to favour greater awareness and easier and more effective identification of PDO/PGI products at large-scale retail chain stores.